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We Foster LA is proudly 100% volunteer run. When you give to WFLA your resources go directly to the work of supporting children and families in need. We are a registered 501c3 and all gifts are tax deductible. For specific questions regarding monetary and in-kind donations please email info@wefosterla.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my giving dollars used for?
Your gifts are the fuel that help WFLA operate to bring emergency resources to foster children in Los Angeles County.  Foster parents have a huge responsibility, and we work to ease the transition of children into the home.  We keep expenses as low as possible so that we can serve as many children (and foster parents that love them) as possible

Are my gifts tax deductible?
Your gifts to WFLA qualify as a tax deduction, as we are a registered nonprofit with a Tax ID of 82-3956951.
What payment method options can I choose from?
The online giving program is configured to accept credit & debit card payments.
How often will payments be pulled from my account?
The program can be configured to pull funds from your account at a frequency that's right for you. Currently we offer one-time, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly.
How can I get a record of my giving?
You can download a statement from https://fosterlovela.org/givinghistory if you have a login, or request a giving statement from the us at any time. This statement will cover all monies received by us from you . To request a statement be send to you please e-mail us at info@fosterlovela.org
How do I update my bank account or credit card information?
If you need to edit your bank account of credit card information please delete your existing profile and create a new profile.
Can I test this system by giving one time?
Yes. There is an option to give a one time gift. This is a great way to better understand how the system works.
I've signed up for the automated giving program but would like to change my preferences or need to stop. How do I do this?
You can make changes at any time by using the "View Giving Profiles" button on the sidebar. Once you login you can change any of your preferences or stop your automated giving. If you have any trouble please feel free to e-mail us at info@fosterlovela.org.